texts of a sarcastic love/hate long distance relationship

My thoughts at the end of the day.

My life has been all about distances for the past four years. Stability has stopped being something I look for. The worst thing in living away from something or someone is you being emotionally attached to them. 

But no matter how far I am, to me those special stars will always shine as bright as when I was physically with them. You would think that in order to remain strong and emotional independent, one must always have their distance from others no matter how important they mean to them. Yet, it is always that one person that fuels your soul at the end of the day, and this requires you to emotionally attached to them. Win-lose situation? I wouldn’t call it that. Its just the price of getting close and attached to someone. 

This stability, to feel safe, secure and emotionally stable will long be gone when you decide to love. You constantly have thoughts or this flow of thought regarding your loved ones. You worry, you remember, you miss, you wonder..and you suffer in return. Wondering how long this can last. 

I always try to stay away, to protect myself from such instances where my mind will be consumed by someone. The reason why I do so is because I consider it as a type of mental imprisonment. To be imprisoned by emotions, to have emotions and strong feelings drive your thoughts. But how long can you stay away. You’d feel as a fool if you give in too.